We Pay Due Diligence To Your Website

Have you purchased an existing website and planning to run it as your own to mark your online footprint? Buying a website can be a critical business decision, but if it is coming with strong technical configuration and rocky SEO foundation then making such a purchase should not be counted as a bad decision. The question here is, how will you identify whether the website is SEO compliant or not? To help you identify this, Epic Web Techno is here to perform Due Diligence SEO audit on the website you have purchased and make it fir for your business.


What We Offer

To identify whether the website you have bought is in good health and has followed sound SEO practices in the past, a Due Diligence SEO audit is performed in it. One should rely on a trusted and professional SEO agency like Epic Web Techno to get the audit done and analyse whether the website is sound enough or not. We not only check the SEO points for the website but also identify the potential SEO issues to make your purchase a profitable decision for your business.

Our due diligence SEO audit service package includes the following:

  • Identify top pain points of the website for SEO
  • Analyse the existing backlink profile of the website
  • Once the acquisition is complete, we outline improvement opportunities for SEO update
  • Document the key SEO issues both onsite and off site
  • Quantification of the SEO issues raised and help in negotiating the right price for same
  • Overall website a acquisition risk assessment for the client
  • Help client’s achieve satisfaction and peace of mind for their purchase

What You Will Get

Trusting Epic Web Techno with the fate of your business website will only bring positive results and traffic as we comply with the best SEO practices in the industry and bring the same to the client’s business. Your decision to buy an already up and running website can bring in a multitude of results for you depending on the website’s past performance and configuration in terms of technical, SEO and content. Performing a due diligence SEO audit on such a website not only gives us great insight about the website, but also clears the background for us about the website performance, any previous penalty, eta tags, titles, codes and more.

Once we perform the in-depth due diligence on your website, we bring for the following for you to make a assessment:

  • Problem areas and positive aspects of the website
  • Areas of improvements that will bring positivity to your objective
  • Analysis of previous damage done to the website or things that were not up to the mark
  • Content quality and freshness check for ranking improvements
  • Page ranking of overall website as well as individual pages on major search engines
  • Cost estimation for the client as buyer to help them analysis whether the money they are spending is worthwhile
  • Satisfaction of purchasing nothing less than best for your business

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