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We feel proud in admitting that we are the Panda experts who not only audit and identify the problem but also fix it in one go for our clients. One you will get in touch with us your Google ranking will never see the downside and will be safeguarded against all updates in Google policies. Exceptional services, premium quality content and unwavering commitment is what makes us a leader in the market.
Global seo services
When Google Panda comes to hit your website that is mainly because of the duplicate or poor quality content or when the website has too many advertisements images on its header. This cruel stab may lead to fallen Google rankings and you will not be left with any option other than seeking professional help to get back on the top of your ranking game. This is exactly where the work of Epic Web Techno’s Google Panda Recovery services experts job comes in, with our intelligence and knowledge, we will help you with the following:
  • Rank check of your website at the baseline
  • Review of your fallen traffic on Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Remove any duplicate content from the website using Copyscape and other tools
  • Identify poor quality content issues by running crawlers on your website
  • Removing outdated pages and updating pages with good quality fresh content
  • Block the crawling of the poor-quality pages which cannot be fixed
  • Resubmission of XML Sitemap of your website on webmaster
Global seo services
Once we are done implementing the above basic steps for Google Panda Recovery on your website, the nest step would be bring the engagement and traffic back that you must have lost. With our cost effective packages for Google Panda recovery you will not only get strict scrutinization of your website but will also be provided quick strategy implementation to fix the issues as early as possible. However, these might not be enough to reverse the overall impact, thus the following will also be provided to regain the lost traffic:
Inclusion of high quality Content on Your Website
The recent update on Google Panda has made it extremely clear that website with superior quality fresh content will get rankings and visibility. Thus, integrating websites with good and relevant content on regular basis becomes the priority. You can get our SEO content packages for original and fresh content.
A Google Compliant Package to Promote Your Website
Epic Web Techno always strives to stay a step ahead in keeping its clients abreast with updates coming from Google. We also tweak SEO campaigns and packages to stay compliant to the ensuing changes so that your business will never be hit by the Google update.
Take the Social Route
Getting engagement on social media with channels like Facebook, etc. is a quick and harmless way to pick up from where you left. The social engagement brings surprisingly significant impact on your rankings.

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Attention: Epicwebtechno does not conduct business or interviews over Skype, Google Hangouts, DM or any chat platforms and does not request banking information.

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