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Businesses are increasingly becoming reliant on mobile applications to develop business strategies for reaching out to an extensive customer base. Android OS has the larger share of the mobile application development market. Using android phones for app development can be an optimal strategy that the businesses can employ.
Mobile app development can ring in changes to the business strategies in multiple ways. Here is a look at the different ways that the businesses can benefit by investing in android mobile development.
a. Easy Deployment
Having a good android phone for app development can help in having short development time. This offers a strategic development for businesses who intend to ensure that their idea reaches the markets quicker.
b. Higher ROI
Android SDK used for mobile app development are readily available. These can be used by the developers to develop mobile apps that are needed for the business. Android phones can be used to effectively develop and test the applications.
All this would require lesser investment, thereby providing the businesses with the scope for higher Return on the Investments made.
c. Scalability & flexibility
Android studio has become a game changer in mobile app development and offers greater adaptability and versatility to use android phones for app development.
This allows for compliance of Android Apps with other technologies. This flexibility offers various advantages in app development and allows the creation of apps that perform various functions. Businesses can take advantage of this in developing multi-purpose apps that are also compatible with their other technologies.
d. Higher customization
Android offers more customization than other OS. Businesses can redesign the android devices to suit their specific requirement. This provides more options for developing apps that are more in line with the business strategies.
In view of the dynamic business environment, the apps can also be upgraded. The ease of customization offered by Android OS helps to constantly work on improving the app aligning with the business strategy.
Businesses can thus save lot of resources and effort which in turn translates to higher profits.
e. Compatible with Multiple platforms
Another advantage that Android offers is that the application developed can be run on multiple platforms. This feature has a key impact on business strategies, as the businesses can now look at targeting various platforms.
The android apps developed can be ported to other OS like Ubuntu, Symbian etc. The businesses need not think of mobile app development on various OS, but can divert their resources on developing an android App with features that are compliant to other OS.
f. Security
Security is a great concern for many businesses. There are incidents of security breaches which have resulted in losses of varying degrees. The businesses also lose their credibility when any of such incidents occur.
Therefore security is a prominent aspect of any business strategy being developed. The Android platform is consistent and addresses the concerns of security during mobile app development.
Best android smartphones have the best security features. Android, with its stable platform mitigates the risk of crashes and breaches from virus & malware.
Based on these features, the organizations can decide on the most appropriate strategy that can be deployed.
g. Innovative and highly evolved
A key aspect of any business strategy is to devise a solution that offers an edge over the completion. Innovative solutions can help to gain this edge in the market.
By leveraging on the flexibility & customization offered by android in mobile app development, businesses can build solutions that can offer them greater advantage. Android has cutting-edge tools that can enable innovation. Adding on to it, Android platform is highly evolving with new features being added on to it.

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