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We Help Keep Spam Away From Your Business

Is your website being penalized or has suffered the drop in traffic and rankings previously due to any kind of manual spam action or Google Penguin update? Then you have reached the right place. Epic Web Techno is here to help you remove all spam links from your website and bring considerable improvements in traffic and rankings in the least possible time. We have seen a lot of small businesses facing the wrath of Google for poor backlinking, but with us here to help you recover you do not need to worry anymore about your business.

Are you a startup brand, well established company, in the UK or worldwide? It doesn't matter. We work with a range of clients.

We know it’s hard for brands to setup an online experience, and budgets can be tight. We like to help new brands grow and work in a long term relationship.

And we also have the experience of designing, building, testing and launching websites for large global organisations. We can be an extension of your in-house marketing team or take advantage of our expert team to be your complete digital arm.

What we offer ?

No doubt that your business was in the top ranking with thousands of backlinks, which have now turned into nothing but spam with the latest updates in Google algorithms, like Google Penguin. These updates are designed specifically to target websites with spam links, thus it becomes important to remove them soon before your website is targeted for Penalty by Google.

Epic Web Techno can help you in doing exactly the same through the following:

  • Thorough audit and analysis of every link related to your website
  • 1. Complete monitoring of inbound links to avoid harm
  • 2. Maintain record of every outreach request that is being made
  • 3. Submit a Disavow file for consideration to Google
  • 4. Regularly monitor traffic fluctuations on your website
  • We count ourselves among the experts in maintaining the brand image of our clients with our knowledge of Google webmaster tools and help clients avoid being penalized by Google in any manner. You might not be able to find the right kind of customer base for your business yet, but once you are in touch with us we will assist you in cashing on the benefits of having online presence. Once the harmful links are removed successfully, we will take a step ahead with our SEO link building activities to strengthen your brand image.

    What you will Get?

    Once you hire Epic Web techno as your trusted SEO advisor you can be assured that we will use nothing but only the best SEO practices to bring quality traffic and high rankings for your website. If you have experienced manipulative and unnatural ways of improving rankings in the past then for sure it is not going to happen again for your business.

    We offer a number of advantages to our customers that not only complement our new and friendly measures to design, develop and progress your website but also assist in developing friendly SEO campaigns for our customers which are run and managed keeping in mind the online reputation of our client.

    Once you are associated with us for Spam Link Removal services, you will get:

  • 1. Customized SEO solutions for your website
  • 2. Advanced analysis metrics
  • 3. Complete removal of low quality links
  • 4. To and fro communication between your team and ours to ensure bad links are removed with consent
  • 5. Tracking and reporting about the campaigns
  • We are not only complaint with Google policy updates but also use advanced tools to gather relevant insights and information that help build client’s link profile. The process may be a bit taxing but you can be assured that results will only bring your business good graces from Google.

    Attention: Epicwebtechno does not conduct business or interviews over Skype, Google Hangouts, DM or any chat platforms and does not request banking information.

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